This term Year 2 have been exploring: 

How to make a reef knot (micky mouse ear, flip it, mickey mouse ear and flip it, the second ear goes behind the first ear, put the loop around the stick and pull tight.)

- how to stay safe in a storm (we had one of our sessions inside)

- conker painting, spider web weaving, wand and broomstick making for Halloween

- mud play and bridge building on our very wet days

- building paper houses and watching them catch on fire like they did in the 'Great Fire of London' 

- bats! Children walked around and learned some facts, e.g. 'The bat is the only flying mammal'. We played the bat game - remembering that bats use ecolocation to find their food, we found hidden bats and made a bat from sticks and cardboard

- filling up the polytunnel with fresh top soil  - using so many muscles! 

- using a saw to make a wooden class door sign, first cutting it, sanding it and then designing it. 

- signs of winter with our scavenger hunt 

- mushrooms - so many mushrooms to look at and identify! 

- using a peeler, hammer and a palm drill to create Christmas craft

- cooking apple slices over the fire, dipped in sugar and cinnamon - we talked about the sugar caramelising, we even saw a big green flame when sugar and cinnamon had fallen into the fire. 

- foxes...we had captured some real fox videos in our Forest School area in the summer which we looked at. 

What a fabulous outdoor term - have a great Christmas break everyone. 

Forest School Year 2 Term 2 - 2023