Throughout the term, Year 1 pupils have been working towards the completion of their Storm Whale collages, inspired by Benji Davies' book, The Storm Whale. Pupils have created a background, midground and foreground for their artwork. Their backgrounds depict a stormy sea using oil pastels and paint expressively. Pupils considered the shapes to best describe a rough sea and mixed their own secondary paint colours (mainly green and a little purple). Within their class morning work, pupils cut out wave shapes in blues, greens and greys, practising their cutting skills. These would become the midground.


Practising their observational drawing skills, pupils drew whales and lighthouses from photographs and toys and explored how to use and layer wax crayons – the whale would become the foreground. This week the pupils considered composition, layout and arrangement when sticking all of their paper shapes and components together to make a collage seascape.


I love these! Please see our gallery below: