Term 1 Year 4 The Iron Man by Ted Hughes


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is a fantastic book to inspire English lessons. We love teaching it as much as the children love learning from it. The Iron Man allows for such creativity and opportunities for learning. As well as reading the whole book and getting to know this modern classic, year 4 have been inspired to create menus for an Iron Man; create a space logbook; research and learn about space facts; learn about story structures and an how an author creates tension, pace and excitement in a story and to write amazing and descriptive independent pieces of work.


To accompany the Ironman project, Year 4 took time to complete a mixed-media art project based on the Ironman book illustrations by Chris Mould. Both classes looked at photographs from Chris Mould’s studio showing his equipment and we discussed how artists often mix their art-media within their work. Pupils began by sketching their Ironman figures lightly in pencil, filling their A3 paper. They made rubbings of cogs with wax crayons; added water colour and colour pencils; used dip pen and Indian ink for the line and used replica gold/silver leaf to add some sparkle. We discussed shadow, highlights and explored some colour theory including complementary and harmonious colours. The work is on display in the Year 4 area and looks stunning! 


Well done Year 4!  Please see our gallery of English and Art work below: