Throughout term 1, Year 6 have been practising their observational drawing skills and working from cultural objects and photographs of cultural objects. They have explored both large and small scale as well as considering the cultural significance of objects and discussing how they were acquired by museums for display in the past. They have answered the question: should looted objects in British museums be repatriated?

Within our gallery below, you will see some of the children’s answers to the question and their small-scale observational work drawn from photographs of African masks. As a class, we discussed the role of masks within African culture and watched clips of them being used within ceremonies. Their work is small, only A5, lightly sketched with HB pencil first and then over drawn using Indian ink and tradition reed pens made from bamboo. As you can imagine, these pens are very hard to use and take some getting used to. This was the first time that most children had to dip their pen into the ink and worry about dripping it on their paper! Before being ‘let loose’, the children considered how to describe the different tones and colours within their objects; they used techniques such as hatching, cross hatching and clustering lines together to produce darker tones. Pupils explored making different marks and practised with the pens until they felt comfortable.

Everyone worked hard, and the results are fab!

Please check out our gallery below: