If you have been following our blogs, you know all about our Art and Music project with Year 3. If not, here is a recap:

In term 5, Year 3 pupils worked with Mr Miles and Mrs Smith to compose and interpret their own graphic scores. Graphic notation (or graphic score) is the representation of music using visual symbols. Pupils composed a piece of music using colour, shapes, and line within their art lessons and went on to perform their scores within their music lessons with Mr. Miles.

Bridge school has been collaborating with CoMA in Manchester (Contemporary Music for All). The music group chose four pieces of the children’s artwork to interpreted themselves! The lucky pupils who had their work chosen were Iris and Alfred in 3SA and Sam and Joe in 3HA. Pupils have been listening to their own compositions being interpreted by adults this week with their class teachers and comparing them with their own attempt! Quite different!

I am pleased that I can now share them with you! Please click on the link below to see the children’s work and CoMA’s wonderful music inspired by it:

Stream Ellen Sargen | Listen to CoMA Manchester and Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP school playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Track 1: Iris

Track 2: Sam

Track 3: Joe

Track 4: Alfred

A massive thank you to Ellen Sargen and all the other CoMA musicians involved. Also, a big thank you to Mr. Miles our music teacher!

If you are interested in CoMA, please check out their website.