On Wednesday, Year 5 took part in a Kwik Cricket tournament. When we arrived, Mrs Pearson walked us down to the playing fields where we waited with the other schools who were participating. We began by warming up, practising our bowling, throwing and catching.

Bridge 1 played Blean 1 in their first match, all the team played really well and we won by 43 runs. Bridge 1 then went on to play Blean 2 and had another successful win. Canterbury Primary school was our third match where we had another victory, winning by 77 runs. Now we were through to the semi-final, we had to play against our own Bridge 2 team! Once again, we won which meant we were though to the finals!! We were all so happy! In the final, we had to play a match against Blean 1, it was tough with two evenly matched teams. However, Hanish bought us the gold medal by scoring our last few vital runs! We won by 11 runs! 

Bridge 2 played Blean 2 for their first match, the whole team tried really hard but unfortunately we lost by 3 runs. In our second match we moved on to play against Blean 1, all of our players players showed great sportsmanship and worked hard together as a team but we didn't quite get enough runs to win.  Our third match was against Petham, after being defeated twice we were more determined than ever to win this match. Our hard work paid off - we won by 43 runs! This meant we were through the the semi-final. However, this meant we had to play our own Bridge 1 team! Bridge 1 beat us taking first place. This meant we had to play our final match to see if we got 3rd or 4th place. This match was against Canterbury Primary, we were all getting tired but we put all our effort in and successfully won by 5 runs - this meant we came third and would be awarded bronze!! 

At the end of the tournament we received our medals, Bridge 1 -  Gold and Bridge 2 - Bronze. Three of our players were also awarded certificates for their 'Spirit of Cricket'. The first award went to Devan for his professional and mature captaincy, quiet competence and diplomatic skills. The second award went to Conrad for his sportsmanship and fair play. Conrad recognised the strengths of the opposition and praised them for this. He showed excellent cricket skills throughout. The third award went to Emma for her mature approach to team work and all round cricket skills. 

All the team played extremely well, encouraging their team and being mature representatives of the school.