Coralie (6NA) has had some of her writing and more of her illustrations published on the Foundling Museum website!  

The Foundling Hospital was established in 1739 to care for babies at risk of abandonment. The museum hosts a weekly competition in conjunction with Jacqueline Wilson to illustrate and write a story inspired by the real lives of the foundlings.

Coralie’s writing and illustrations are below. Please also click on the link to the Foundling Museum website:

Well done again Coralie! All the Year 6 teachers and TAs are extremely proud of you!

Coralie Spencer, age 11

Checking Matron was not around, Ida lead the shivering children through the kitchen. She took Toby and Tabitha’s ice-cold fingers and shooed the pair into her own bedroom.

Like the rest of the building, the room was quite bleak and bare. It had a few ornaments and a pretty cushion. Bustling back into the room, Ida returned with some broken biscuits.

'Broken biscuits are exactly the same as all the rest.' Ida trilled cheerfully. Tabitha would have agreed if she had not had her mouth full of shortbread. There was a silent pause as they all munched the buttery biscuit. At last Hetty broke the silence with her eyes glittering happily.

'I’ve got an idea, why don’t we sneak back to the dormitory without old meanie Matron noticing. She will get a shock!' Squealed Hetty as she jumped up and down.

'There is a way, but be careful, it is infested with spiders.' Warned Ida but Hetty was already jumping up and down on the bed. Quietly, Ida opened a latch in her wardrobe and all the children peered through to see a pale face poking out.