On the morning of Tuesday 10th March, 2 teams from Year 4 competed in the quicksticks competition at the Polo Farm, Canterbury. Both teams played brilliantly and demonstrated all the School Games values. Team 1 achieved first place and will go on to represent the county. Well done, everyone!

'When we went to the quicksticks it was really fun! We were in two teams of 6, one team was Team A and the other was Team B. Both teams played really well and Team A won gold! Everyone had an amazing time and we are looking forward to the next tournament.' (Bella Yr4)

'On Tuesday we went to a hockey tournament. We had two teams, one team came 1st! We had a really fun time! We played lots of other teams. We travelled to Polo Farm on our school mini-bus' (Megan Y4)

'On Tuesday we went to a hockey tournament and won! We all played brilliantly, were great team players and attacked and defended amazingly! Everyone did really well. In the last two matches we were really challenged.' (Milo Y4)

'On Tuesday some of the year 4's went to a hockey tournament at Polo Farm. We had two teams and my team came first. We won every game and only let 1 goal in in the semi-final. We all tried our hardest, had lots of fun and worked well together.' (Lola Y4)

'I felt like I was entering the champion's league! It was AMAZING! I felt a spark inside me, it was just brilliant!' (Oscar Y4)

'When we went to Quicksticks I was really excited. I love hockey, so when the teachers asked who wanted to compete my hand was straight up. There were two teams, I was in Team A and luckily we won gold! Team B tried extremely hard.' (Millie Y4)

'At the quicksticks competition we got grouped into two different teams. For some of us it was out first competition, Bridge came first! Everyone tried their best!' (Conrad Y4)