On Tuesday 10th March, 2 teams of children from Year 5 & 6 competed in the District Quicksticks tournament at the Polo Farm in Canterbury. It was a tremendously exciting afternoon and both teams played brilliantly with one of our teams winning gold and the other only just missing out on a place in the semi-finals. The children all demonstrated the School Games values and were very gracious to all the other teams.

"It was a thrilling experience and it was especially fantastic because it showed how well both teams can work together. We had an amazing time and represented Bridge really well, through behaviour and in the hockey game itself." (Tom Y6)

"On 10th March, a group of children from Year 5 and 6 participated in a quicksticks tournament. Bridge entered 2 teams and we played 3 group games each. Unfortunately, only 1 team  (Bridge 1) progressed into the semi-final. After a long and tiring match, we won and played Sheldwich in the final.. Fortunately, we won and have advanced to the Kent Finals. Although only one team got through, we still had so much fun. Thank you Mrs Pearson, Dan Corfield and Mrs Upton for such a fantastic day! (Will Y6)

"On 10th March, Bridge went to the Polo Farm to compete in the quicksticks tournament. We played 3 matches and won them all, which meant that we were in the semi-final and won that, too. We had one more game to play in the final and won that! We got a gold medal and had lots of fun." (Zara Y6)

On Tuesday, we went to the Polo Farm to compete in a quicksticks tournament. We had lots of fun and did really well but, unfortunately, our team couldn't get a medal. Thank you for taking us." (Eddie Y6)

"On Tuesday 10th March 2020, we went to Quicksticks on the school minibus at Polo Farm. It was great fun and we really enjoyed it. We won, yay!" (Lila, Megan and Eva Y5)

"I was quite nervous when it was 1-1, then when we scored I was more relaxed and then happy. I was glad for the other teams, including Bridge, because they did well, too." Holly (Y5)