On Friday 13th March, 15 children from Year 4 went to St Anselm's to take part in a team building day. St Anselm's School were great hosts and we were able to see some Bridge past pupils there, too, which was lovely. We would like to say a big thank you to Mr Huotari for organising it all.

"On Friday 13th March, Year 4 went to Team Building. We had loads of fun. We did activities, station by station and my favourite was the Tug-of-War because I like using strength. It was not a competition; it was learning how to work as a team." Hugo (Y4)

"We went to St Anselm's to do team building. Team building is fun and includes activities such as Titanic (problem- solving), Tug-of-War, Dance, obstacle courses (blind-folded) and trust games. We enjoyed Tug-of-War and Dance the most. By the end, we were tired out!" Ellen and Flo (Y4)