Year 2 had fantastic weather for a visit to the woodlands last week. 

We listened to the birds and sounds around us, locating the direction. Year 2 did well playing a guessing game about which animals live in the woodlands and we had a go at Zip Zap boing, concentrating really hard. 

The stick challenge was all about communication, design ideas and team work - who could build a tall tower without using an existing tree. In Forest School, the process is valuable and not so much the end product. I read the children the story about where the ribbon snake got its name from and they went off to create snakes out of natural materials. Children found slugs, bugs, fungi, rotten soft wood, extremely long branches, pine cones etc. and they had great fun interacting with the natural world. I was very proud of them of how they all stayed safe and made fantastic choices. 

Forest School trip to Covert Woods Year 2 June 2024