Welcome to Forest School Year R! 

Ash and Elm class learned some of the Forest School rules (like: 'no pick, no lick, be careful with a stick) and our routines. 

We were looking at bugs and finding them in our area  - learning a bug song. The mound, hammock and the rope ladder were favourite places to explore. The children found some natural items, looking closely at what is around us. One of the weeks, the water had frozen to ice which the children loved playing with. 

We read 'Little Red Riding Hood', tying in with their learning about traditional tales. Dressing up was available  - and we also had some hot squash to keep us warm. 

In our third week we learned about birds - some of their names, what they eat and what they use for their nests. Children found coloured worms in the area which taught them about camouflaging. We made birdfeeders to help the birds survive the winter, created binoculars to help spot birds and we learned a song about a robin. What a great start to their Forest School journey. Have a happy half term. 


Sing to 'I'm a little teapot' tune: 


I'm a little robin,

hear me tweet,

here is my red tum,

 here are my feet.

When I flap my wings fast, see me fly,

Past the treetops into the sky.