The outdoor shelter in the Forest School area has been completed! 

This structure has already made such a difference to our sessions outside - the heavy rain has not stopped us from coming out or making fires outside, we are so grateful. It is turned into a very cosy space.

Here are some photos for you to see the project from beginning to end. The children measured out all the distances, they dug the holes (1m deep!), they helped strip the bark off the tree trunks to preserve the wood, they protected the uprights with special material which had to be melted on, they put in the uprights and secured them with hardcore and cement. They also produced a miniature version of the roundhouse on a log slice, practising how to measure out the distances. 

Hammers and nails, drawknives, mallets, drills, saws and loppers were used in the process. Team work was definitely needed to finish off this fantastic project. The last sessions included building a dry storage area on one side of the shelter. 

A big thank you to Tom Humphreys and Vaughn who led this project brilliantly and who came equipped with all the right tools and materials! It was fantastic to involve so many children - they can be very proud. 

Finished Roundhouse in the Forest School area