Last term, pupils in year 5 studied self-portraiture within their art lessons. Thirteen pupils also attended an after-school club and entered the SkyArts school portrait competition. Two of our amazing TAs, Mrs Shirley and Mrs Holdaway, kindly sat for us while the children painted their portraits (A2 in size).


I am very pleased to report that three of the portraits have been chosen to be featured on Sky Arts. The artwork will feature either within an episode of Portrait Artist of the Year on 21 June 2023 and/or within an on-air gallery that will run on Sky Arts across the week of 19-23 June 2023.


Well done Ivy, Seren and Hanna! However, all thirteen pupils painted fantastic portraits! Mrs Shirley, Mrs Holdaway and I are very proud of you all. Well done!


A big thank you to all the adults who helped and the thirteen children for who took the time to enter.


Please try and catch the portraits on TV. Until then, please view all the portraits in our gallery below: