Welcome to Forest School Year R. 

We have been welcomed by Autumn weather - sunshine, rain, frost and wind.

We walked around the Forest School area and learned the first rules:

Walking around the fire circle  - our safe word is 'lollipop' to remind them to walk around in preparation for a real fire. 

'No lick, no pick, be careful with a stick.'

'How do we stay safe and in which areas do we need an adult?' 

In the first session the children could explore conkers - painting hedgehogs on them, letting them run down a pipe, planting them and painting with conkers to create art. 

The children learned a little about hedgehogs, some chose to build a hedgehog house and we learned a hedgehog song. Year R enjoyed climbing up the rope ladder, going up on the mound, exploring the mud kitchen and playing in the pirate ship. 

We introduced safe bug hunting in the second session - how we look after the animals, how we leave no trace and that we release them at the end. We played the squirrel game where children had to bury acorns and find them again at the end of a session and the children got to enjoy the hammock and learned how to be safe in it. 

Have a lovely Christmas break and I am looking forward to seeing the children in January for more outdoor fun! 

Year R Forest School Term 2 2022