Another fun-packed day here; our feet have not touched the ground! The day began with breakfast around the fire followed by the children learning how to build and light fires in their tribes. After s’mores, they went on to learn how to handle knives safely and then whittled their own tent pegs. After a delicious beef casserole for lunch the children learnt how to cope if they found themselves in a disaster scenario. They role played DRABS ( first aid emergency procedures) on each other , little did they know that the staff were already in place in the woods in a crash site awaiting help from them as they passed by unknowingly. They were amazing, dragging MR Taylor from a tree, Mrs Pearson, Smith and Franks from the wreckage and performing DRABS on them before lifting them to safety on stretchers- rest assured they will know what to do if needed in an emergency! 
 Finally, the children observed how to fillet a Salmon and a few of the children took the Bushtucker challenge of eating the eyes as they are a great source of hydration apparently!  Most of us, however, stuck to enjoying a burger for dinner and a walk back to camp.
At the moment, all is quiet in the tents and we are looking forward to tomorrow. 
See you all tomorrow. Be prepared: no showers here, you have very dusty children:)