What a sunny week! Amazing. 

I had promised the children s'mores for a long time and the weather seemed perfect for a campfire and snack. We read the book 'Fiery Fox' again to remind ourselves of the rules around a fire. The children all had a turn at roasting marshmallows and they enjoyed them with some biscuits (marshmallows get very sticky!). What a treat. 

Whoever wanted could choose to have a go with the fire strikers to light their own cotton wool and add it to the fire. The children showed fantastic perseverance as it is not always easy to find the right strength and technique. Well done. 

Others asked for paint but as with most things in Forest School you have to make up your own and so we went off and made paint from coal and used bamboo to make paint brushes. We also had cat toys being made from sticks, string and leaves and passed onto many friends. Very creative and caring.