Relief printing - pattern inspired by African textile design

Year 2 have completed their relief printing project! Each pupil has designed and printed a repeat pattern inspired by traditional African textiles. African pattern often includes 2D (geometric) shapes. So, we took the opportunity to make links to the Year 2 maths curriculum and make patterns with 2D shapes; recognise 2D shapes and draw 2D shapes.

Pupils made two printing plates from cardboard; this involved cutting and using PVA glue. They then learned how to print using two complementary colours, layering one on top of the other. Once printed, they repeated their pattern using a basic repeat or a rotation repeat. Pupils evaluated their work and presented it into their sketchbooks.

Good work Year 2 and special thanks to Mrs Dennett, Ms Munday, Mrs Huggett and Mrs Smith. This was a real team effort!

Please see our gallery below: