Inspired by the artist - Atta Kwami.

Year three’s term 1 art project celebrates the Folkestone Art Triennial and is inspired by the work of Ghanaian-born artist Atta Kwami who sadly died last month, age 65. He worked in both Ghana and the UK as a painter, printmaker, and art historian.

The Year three project was based on a series of prints that Atta Kwami produced over lockdown which were inspired by the abstract artist Mondrian and African artefacts from the World Museum in Liverpool.

Year 3 children began their work by cutting out shapes that represented Folkestone town and seaside from coloured paper. These were collaged on to their A3 paper. They then added some geometric shapes to their background – this was a nod to the work of Mondrian. Before painting around and within their shapes, pupils explored the colour-wheel, some colour theory and how to mix paint colours.

I wanted this work to become an abstract layer of shapes and colour, so to top it off, the children created printing blocks from polystyrene. These were inspired by traditional African geometric patterns and were carefully printed onto the work.

Within our last art lesson of the term, Year 3 evaluated their final pieces and presented all of their preliminary work into their sketchbooks.

If you would like to learn more about the artist Atta Kwami, I have added a link to his obituary below:


Year 3 worked really hard throughout Term 1. Please check out their work below: