The Folkestone Art Triennial is a project run by Creative Folkestone and is the largest exhibition of newly commissioned work presented in the UK. Artists are invited to use the town as their gallery, utilising public spaces to create art that reflects issues affecting both the town and the wider world.

I was really pleased to be able to take 30 pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 along to the Triennial this week. We visited Folkestone two times; our first visit was to take part in the ‘Power Objects’ workshop run by artist Katrin Albrecht.

Taking inspiration from Mariko Hori’s sculptures and objects from different cultures, pupils made their own object of power using clay. They decorated their object with beads, ribbon, string, and shells; within it they buried a tiny, personal object. There was no specific outcome and the children 'went with the flow'. We all had a great, messy morning!

Later in the week we were taken on a tour of some of the artworks around Folkestone by Laura, a secondary art teacher in Folkestone and Alice, a PGCE student. The pupils enjoyed looking, considering, asking questions, and interacting with the artworks commissioned for the Triennial. Our pupils really engaged with the artwork and their enthusiasm, attitude and behaviour made us proud. Mr. Moon enjoyed the slide!

A big thank you to Tania, Katrin, Laura and Alice from Creative Folkestone. Also, to Mr. Moon, Mrs. Crozier, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Tibbles.

Please check out some of the photos from the trip: