Throughout term six, Year one’s class reading book has been ‘Jack and Nancy’, written and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Jack and Nancy go on an exciting adventure. Travel, adventure, and exploration is a running theme through Quentin Blake’s work.

Inspired by his illustrations, pupils created a strange creature on which they were to travel upon on their own imaginary adventure. If you look closely, you will see that each child has drawn themselves riding on the back of their beast. Most are travelling through the sky, but some on land or sea.

In the first lesson we looked at the life and work of Quentin Blake. The children began their creature with collage - cutting paper shapes and sticking them on their A3 paper background to make the body. They then added pencil drawing to the collage to add the detail. With their class teachers, they coloured their pictures with colour pencils, experimenting with layering colours on top of each other. This project was another opportunity for the children to practise their cutting and colouring skills but also to use their imagination. I absolutely love them! Well done Year 1 – a cracking year of art!