In Design Technology (textiles) this term, Year 3 have become young fashion designers!

Ancient Egypt is back in fashion. Pupils have been commissioned to design and make necklaces inspired by Ancient Egypt for a summer fashion collection.

The commission specified that the necklace is appealing; Egyptian themed; robust and can be worn as a necklace; constructed to a high standard and weaving must be used within the design.

Within previous lessons, year 3 pupils have explored some textile techniques – weaving, tassel and paper bead making. Using inspiration from the jewellery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, they designed their necklaces and considered the construction of their product.

On Wednesday, 3HA had a day of DT and independently made their necklaces. Next week the class will evaluate their work.

I am sure YOU will consider walking down the high street in one of these next summer. Well done 3HA!