Earlier this week, Poppy came to the Headteacher's Office with some excellent poetry which we'd like to share with you. I was really impressed by the language used and the mood that Poppy has managed to convey - well done Poppy.



by Poppy

Away lives the hill

far far moon whispers dark sights the star,

the hill, the hill,

grass green never seen

far far flower shouts mount the floor,

the hill, the hill, snowy & still

sits by the lake, the lake

sits by the lake, the lake.

Shone bright the light

next to the hill, the hill,

the hill then ticks

midnight all is dark

all except the hill, the hill

all except the hill

when the clock ticks midnight, the hill shines like a spark!

like the window of an ark

then out of nowhere pops a glitter storm that lasts for 6 hours, soon to Beverley towers

then everything came to a halt, a sudden stop

then the hill rised and went back down

day had come the sun beamed down at the hill, snowy & still again



by Poppy

Bright moon comes at noon

frozen in the starry night lights the night for you

the moon is the king of all the stars the brightest one big and round

the moon hears small breaths coming from bedroom windows

calm day to calm night dark night needs a moon lost and found a present for you


Poems written by Poppy, 3HA         

Merry Christmas & a happy new year thank you for reading my poems xxx