Another couple of very busy weeks in Year 3!

Following on from our visit to Canterbury Cathedral ,where we looked at the Miracle Windows of Thomas Becket , the children thought it would be fun to create their own stained glass windows and write the tales that told the story of their own windows. They have been very creative in their designing and ideas.

This week in English we have been looking at the poet Edward Lear. We began our learning journey by researching facts about him and learnt that he particularly enjoyed writing nonsense poems which too his readers on a journey of some kind. We have been looking at The Jumblies poem and thought about how some of the words or phrases made us feel we helped each other to understand unfamiliar words by sharing our experiences and so that we all had a clear understanding of the poem.

We have had great fun in changing some of his words to create individual poems of our own and illustrating them. We hope that you enjoy listening to us read part of the poem and reading some of our work.

Medieval Miracle Windows and Poetry