Amelie N has discovered some online drawing lessons and has created these beautiful drawings. She has a lot of talent!

If you want to do some drawing, follow this link ;

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Miller and Pelham make a robot

For the Junk Model challenge, Miller and Pelham have made this amazing robot. It has lots of detail on it. I wonder what jobs the robot can do for them?

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Amelie's time capsule

Amelie has created a time capsule full of information for someone in the future to find, and has buried it in her garden. It will be very interesting for whoever finds it to learn about the strange times we are living through. I wonder how long it will be before it is discovered?

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Sophia's fairy garden

This amazing fairy garden was created by Sophia and her family. It has a bug hotel and a pond! It will be really interesting to see if any little visitors move in...fairies included! Well done!

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Year 3 Rock Day

Last week, Year 3 had an amazing day learning all about Rocks with Andrew Berry. The day consisted of making models of the Earth to show the different layers; inner core, outer core, mantel and crust. They learned to identify the different types of rocks, fossils, minerals and rock formations.…

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Meet the new addition to Year 3

Year 3 were very excited to receive their Christmas present from the Year 3 team- an orangutan adopted through the World Wildlife Fund. They spent the afternoon making posters to place around the school to spread the message about palm oil and the destruction of the orangutan’s natural…

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