On Tuesday 27th September, some Year 5 children went to Canterbury Academy for training on how to be a member of Sports Crew. There were several schools there and the Crew were asked to think about what skills are needed for this and then they had to create a game (or games) that they could teach to a Sports Crew from another school. The children threw themselves into the task and showed that they have the potential to be a great team of children. They now need to put those skills into practice!
Here are some comments from the children:

“On Tuesday, we went to the Sports Crew event. We made our own games and tried other games.” Ben

“On Tuesday, some Year 5s went to Canterbury Academy for Sports Crew training. We made our own games and let other schools play them; we themed them on sports like basketball and bowling. We tried other schools’ games ; they were themed on football. It was great fun!” (Hanna)