The new school council for Years 3-6 met in November. This year, for the first time,  two members of Bridge Bees (our before and after-school club) have joined the school council which aims to be the voice of the children across the school.

Below are the notes from the first meeting. We will be meeting together again in early January to discuss what the school council wants to have as a focus in 2020 so if you have any ideas please speak to any school council representative.

School Council Minutes


  • Year 6 – Will and Eddie
  • Year 5 – Sofia and Phoebe
  • Year 4 – Verity and Tom
  • Year 3 -  Ali and Ellie
  • Bridge Bees – Roisin and Heather
  • Mr Taylor and Mrs Andrews


As a group the school councillors each introduced themselves. They then discussed what the role of a school councillor is and how they can help the school to move forward. The school councillors then shared some different ideas about how they could move the school forward. Below are the ideas that they discussed:

  • More fundraisers throughout the school year for example selling chocolate bars and cakes.
  • Lunchtime playground equipment could be used by after school club but only if it’s monitored and looked after
  • To raise money for the school we could rent equipment out to other people
  • Could we have mirrors in the boys and girls bathroom so all the children can see into them
  • It would be nice to have more art resources, for example better paintbrushes, more left handed scissors and art canvasses
  • We could have frames so each year group so that children can have the opportunity to show off artwork e.g. in the hall
  • Bring back the Easter egg hunt because we are a Christian School although it doesn’t have to have chocolates involved
  • Carry on work underneath previous day’s learning to save space in books
  • More inter house competitions instead of just sports day so we can celebrate other children’s achievements. This could include art competitions or quizzes.
  • A school trampoline would be great but it might be difficult to get one as it’s expensive and might not be safe for children.