Year 3's feet have not touched the ground since they came back to school. They began their cross-curricular learning journey by becoming pilgrims and retracing the footsteps of Henry 2nd to learn the story of Thomas Becket; the children dressed as pilgrims and looked amazing! As they walked through Canterbury, they learned how the Westgate Towers are the only remaining gate, of the original seven, that used to be closed at night as the city then had a wall around it and how it was once a prison. They learned about Geoffrey Chaucer and how he wrote tales that pilgrims told on their long journies to keep themselves entertained. Once we arrived at the Cathedral the children learned the terrible fate of Thomas Becket and dressed up to re-enact the day that he was killed in his own cathedral. 

Since then, they have been given the challenge of deciding who was responsible for the death of Thomas Becket. They have looked at the evidence and written balanced arguments on who they feel was responsible and why.

They have studied the Miracle Windows which are in the Cathedral; these windows depict miracles that were meant to have happened after the death of Thomas Becket and are now in the process of creating their own 'Modern-day miracles.

Well done Year 3 for a fantastic start to Term 2.