Year 5 and Year 2 have joined together to support the school in becoming more environmentally friendly. Every Wednesday afternoon, we meet up and carry out some eco jobs. Some of us are designing and making a compost bin for us to put all our garden waste in and  a group of us ensure our gardens and playgrounds are weed and leaf free, we will be planting seeds and flowers in the coming months. The recycling bins are emptied weekly and our eco-members sort through the bins to check for any materials which we cannot recycle. Remember, clean paper, paper towels and cardboard only please. We feel it is really important to keep our school litter-free, if you see any litter on the floor please pick it up and put it in the correct bins. A group of us are in the process of designing and putting together our own eco-board, keep your eyes peeled for it appearing in the next few weeks. Some of us are examining the trees, plants and bugs around the school to see what wildlife and nature we have and what steps we can take to protect it.

Year 2 and 5 have encouraging people to collect crisp wrappers to support the Air Ambulance. We have already sent off a full box and have begun to fill up another - please keep on collecting the wrappers for us!


We asked some of the eco-team why they thought being and eco-friendly school is important.

'It is important to us because not only is it about saving our school, but saving the country too.'    Henry

'Our planet is currently being damaged a lot by us so it is vital we need to do something about it.'    Oli

'It helps save the planet.'    Louie

'Animals are dying because we are dropping too much litter.'   Seren

'It teaches us to stop dropping litter, some animals might eat it and get hurt.'     Logan