On the 31st of October 2023, 8 school councillors spent their afternoon at Canterbury food back (which was in Whitstable). The drive there was 25 minutes but after some time on the bus we finally got there.
When we got there, two food bank workers came out to greet us. We were invited in to the huge food store. When we got inside they took us straight to the baked beans. They had approximately 4,800 tins of baked beans in the food bank. We were all in shock of the amount that they stored on 24 shelves. After that they took us on a tour. We saw: pasta, tinned veg, potatoes, custard and rice pudding. Once we saw all of that we went upstairs on a strong, metal lift.
Upstairs was toiletries, hot chocolate, coffee and sweet treats. Then we were taken to a place where they finish off the packages. Next, we asked questions about the fabulous food bank and the work that they do. Last but not least, we went back down to the minibuses and collected the food that the school thoughtfully gathered for the food bank. There was so much food that we filled up 3 large trolleys. It felt so good to give it all to people who needed it. Finally, we hopped back on the bus to go back to school. 
Thank you very much to everyone who donated food!
By Millie and Amelie Year 6 School Council