We were very pleased to welcome Kent Music to Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School on Monday 26th September. Richard (Area Manager) was accompanied by three musicians Colin, Lori and Graeme.

They talked the children through the 4 families of instruments that make up an orchestra (can your child remember what they are?) and how all instruments make sound through vibration. 

The children were given a demonstration of trumpet, clarinet and violin playing and also shown how you can make music with a hose and funnel, a straw and a washtub base with a rendition of 'When the Saints'.

We then listened to the group perform some well-known songs from musicals across the decades (including some well-known by our more senior members of staff!) and how music is used to create mood.

We already have a great number of our children already learning a musical instrument either privately, though Kent Music or YMS and I hope that this has inspired them to keep going or those who are considering instrumental tuition.

If you would like any contact details then please contact the school office.