Interview with Georgia (Y6) following winning Dog Agility competition


Q: How long have you been doing Dog Agility for?

A: I have been doing it for two years now. I started training for one year, and then I started doing competitions.


Q: How long did it take to train Tilly?

A: It took me a year to train her.


Q: Is it something that you will carry on doing in the future?

A: I will definitely carry on doing it in the future, plus I’ve got Echo now (Echo is another female dog), and I’ve started training her, so I have two dogs doing it now.


Q: Do you think you’d like to become a professional dog trainer?

A: Yeah, I would like to become a trainer when I’m older, it would be lots of fun to train other dogs!


We thought you would like to hear about a different type of sporting success, so 2 of our Sports Crew (Lois and Livinya - Y6) interviewed Georgia to find out what she has been doing. 

We wish Georgia all the best in her endeavours.

Good luck, Georgia!