On Thursday 31st March, six children from Years 3,4,5 & 6 attended an enjoyable sports event at Canterbury Academy run by Blean School. The children took part in 5 different activities which were Boccia, Seated Volleyball, Goal Ball, Pickleball and Body Boards. The children had a great time and learnt some new skills.

"Yesterday, Benji, Deven, Leila, Mollie, Alex and I went to Canterbury Academy to take part in an indoor sports event. Children from Blean School taught us all the activities. My favourite part of the day was body boarding because I could scoot along really fast! We all had a lovely day. " (Will - Y4)

"I learnt how to play Goal Ball." (Alex R - Y6)

"We had fun and it was a great experience." (Benji - Y5)

"There were lots of different sports to try." (Deven - Y5)

Well done to all the children for being fabulous representatives for Bridge School.