"On Thursday, the Bridge Girls football team played an away match against Chartham. It was a tough match to watch and play, because their defenders were strong and tried their hardest not to let any goals in. Although it was cold and muddy, we managed to score a goal followed by another in the first half. Though some players got injured and had to go off, they came back stronger than ever. Even after one player received a ball to the face, they went on to score an incredible goal in the last minute. In the end, we managed to win 4-0 and had great fun!"

Christina and Roisin

"Yesterday, we went to Chartham to play football against them. Our captain, Bella, scored a hat trick followed by a goal from Georgia, making it 4-0 to Bridge. Despite this, Chartham were a very strong team and we enjoyed the experience. We can't wait to play again!"

Megan and Emma

Well done to the whole team for another great win!