20 pupils (2 teams) from Year 2 took part in the Infant Agility competition on Tuesday 28th January. Out of 19 schools and 195 children, they achieved 4th and 5th place which is a tremendous achievement. Well done, everyone!

"We went to a sports competition against 19 schools and came 4th against them. We had a really good time." (Sam)

"When we first got there, I felt a bit nervous, but when it started, I really enjoyed it." (Seren)

"It was fantastic competing in lots of events like Jumper, Stepper & Thrower. They were all fun events! (Tom P)

"We saw a monkey called Charlie!" (Phoebe)

"On Tuesday, we did Infant Agility. I felt happy and excited and, even though we didn't win, I still felt like that." Elsa

"We didn't win, but we wanted to cheer the other teams on." (Lillian)

What a wonderful group of children we have at Bridge School!