None of the courses below are required or recommended towards any particular person or groups - they are simply links to resources you may find interesting or useful.

Some of the courses have a small cost associated. If you are particularly interested please contact James and he can pay for the course on the school card.

Admin & School Business

* The Essentials of GDPR



* Phonics Training

Food & Drink

* Food Safety & Hygiene (Level 1)

* Food Safety & Hygiene (Level 2)



Learning to Teach - Becoming a Reflective Practitioner


Health & Safety

AllergyWise for Schools

Concussion Awareness



Maths Subject Knowledge: Understanding Numbers

Maths Subject Knowledge: Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages

Maths Subject Knowledge: Proportion, Ratio and Scaling

* White Rose Maths: Concrete - Pictoral - Abstract | Bar Modelling



Teaching RE - An Introduction

Religion and World Views: Subject Knowledge for Teaching



Bullying in Schools

Kent Safeguarding Children Training (once you start a course you must complete with 4 weeks otherwise the school is charged)

Prevent Training

Recognising & Preventing FGM



Good Practice in Autism Education

Introduction to British Sign Language

Introduction to Speech, Language and Communication

Understanding Dyslexia

Understanding Autism


Social & Emotional Health & Wellbeing

ACES: Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences Early Trauma Online

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Young People


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