In September, we welcomed all our children back to Bridge School, as well as introducing 60 new children to our community.

The over-riding principle of safe provision of education is to balance the size of the groups in which the children are taught whilst maintaining an effective educational provision. For the vast majority of the day, children will be maintained in their class groups. However, there may be occasions where they are in the same area as children from their year group or phase. In these cases, there will always be additional precautions taken, e.g. phase groups will only be together if they can do so outside and maintain a social distance of 2m between each group.

We will be maintaining our high expectations around children’s conduct and behaviour as we feel that stability and security is best for our children at this time. These expectations will also apply to school uniform and PE kit as these help to establish the children’s mindset.

The document below details the protocols that we will be following as a school. Please note that this is a working document and is subject to change. All changes will be identified below so that you can easily track these changes.

Wider Reopening of School

Version History

Version 2.1 (11/09/2020)

  • Visitors to the School section updated to include protocols and clarification and introduction of a COVID-19 Visitor Agreement

Version 2.0 (06/09/2020)

  • Flowchart added to Infection Response section
  • Visitors to the School section updated
  • Lunch Arrangements – timings of sittings updated
  • Beginning & End of Day updated to reflect staggering of arrivals and departures
  • Music section updated to take account of guidance from MusicMark and SingUp

Version 1.3 (27/08/20)

  • Collective Worship section updated to clarify that Friday’s Worship will take place via video conferencing/recording
  • Lunchtime Arrangements section updated
  • PE section updated to include information on indoor PE
  • Swimming section added
  • Walking Bus section updated.

Version 1.2 (15/07/20)

  • Clarified guidance on disposal of face coverings
  • Clarified availability of disposable face coverings for visitors.

Version 1.1 (10/07/20)

  • Updated section on Music and Walking Bus

Version 1.0 (09/07/20)

  • Original document published


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