Baltimore National Aquarium

The aquarium has a selection of Live Cams (Blacktip Reef, Jellies Invasion and Pacific Coral Reef) and also offers a floor-by-floor, interactive Virtual Tour.

Clear Water Marine Aquarium

Watch live cams of their rescued dolphins, Winter, Hope and PJ, as well as an otter, pelican and turtle camera.

Georgia Aquarium

Find live cams for Jellyfish, Beluga Whales, Piranhas, California Sea Lions, African Penguins, Southern Sea Otters, the Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef, an underwater Puffin cam and the Ocean Voyager cam.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Be delighted by the antics of their sea otters or mellow out to the hypnotic drifting of their jellies. With ten live cams to choose from, you can experience the wonder of the ocean no matter where you are.


Art Galleries

Museum of Art, Sao Paulo

A world-class permanent collection is available to explore via a number of virtual tours, each of which features more than 1,000 pieces, from Di Cavalcanto to Picasso. You can expand each work to learn more about its history, creator and artistic context.

Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro

Opened in 1937, this 193,750 square foot national museum houses over 70,000 paintings, drawings, engravings, sculptures, objects, documents and books, focused on Brazilian art.

National Gallery

Get a dose of art and culture thanks to the virtual tour on offer from the National Gallery in London. Tour the rooms and wings and zoom in on the artwork to see some of the highlights.

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Since it opened in 1969, the Seoul Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art has established itself as an institution focused on celebrating modern art from Korea and overseas. Its four branches include Gwacheon (the main museum), Deoksugung, Seoul and Cheongiu, which opened in January last year.

Tate Art Galleries

View and find out about over 70,000 works of art from the various Tate Art Galleries around the UK.

There is also a Tate website dedicated to children where they can explore, make or take part in games and quizzes

The Louvre

Travel to Paris, France to see amazing works of art at The Louvre with this virtual trip. Click here for a more general view of the building.

Van Gogh Museum

At the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, you can get up close and personal with the impressionist painter's most famous work.



Anne Frank's House

Take a look around and discover the secret annex where Anne Frank hid for more than 2 years during WWII and where she wrote her diary.

British Museum London

While there’s no walkthrough experience, the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian mummies are just a couple of things that you're able to see on a virtual tour of the museum.

De Young Museum, San Franscisco

Visit a diverse range of sculpture, painting and decorative arts from among the 200 works featured in the Google Art Project. Through the Street View function, users can tour six of the American art galleries, including the De Young museum, with a 3D zoom experience that allows you to learn more from curators via video and audio content.

The Metropolitan Museum, New York

The Met’s award-winning series of six short videos affords the kind of access and perspective usually not available to the public. You can choose to have the gallery all to yourself or experience the hustle and bustle via a time-lapsed space… you can even float above the Met’s cloisters for a bird’s-eye view. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore an iconic space in an unprecedented way.

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

The Louvre isn’t the only historic Paris museum with an online tour. With the Musée d’Orsay’s virtual exhibition, you can stroll through opulent architecture and see works by famous French artists including Van Gogh, Monet and Gauguin.

Natural History Museum

At the Natural History Museum in London, find answers to your big nature questions and uncover the history of life on Earth, from the smallest insects to the largest mammals.

Famous Places, Landmarks & Buildings

Angkor Wat

Travel to Angkor Wat in Cambodia through 3D simulations of temples and 360 videos.

The Acropolis

Visit the ancient citadel of Athens, Greece: The Acropolis, with a virtual tour offering 360o views and explanations of some of the fascinating history.

Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium

Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium: visit the entrance, the pitch, the boxes, the locker room and more.

Canterbury Cathedral

Get a sneak peek of Canterbury Cathedral's incredible architecture and beautiful artefacts in this extensive tour which offers a floor plan, where you can select the rooms you're interested in for 360 camera views.

Eiffel Tower

Take a virtual tour of the Eiffel Tower, the tallest structure in Paris. Here you can see a 360 panoramic view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower.

Giant’s Causeway

Explore the rugged landscape around the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Great Wall of China

This Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China is beautiful and makes history come to life.

Pyramids of Egypt

Take a virtual tour of the world-famous Pyramids of Egypt. You can even see the Sphinx and inside the Mastaba Tombs.

Roman Baths

Take a virtual walk through the iconic Roman baths, in Bath, England. Explore the Great Bath, heated rooms, plunge pools and the terrace. You can even take a virtual tour of some of the museum exhibitions.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre can be enjoyed with an interactive 360 virtual tour, with photos, videos and audible wonder to guide you.


Take an interactive tour of Stonehenge with 360 views from inside the monument. Select the hotspots to find out more.

The Taj Mahal

Stroll along the iconic gardens of the Taj Mahal in India or view some great aerial shots of the monument and the surrounding city of Agra.

Vatican City

The Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica and Raphael's Room, are just some of the sites you can see on the Vatican's virtual tour of their 7 museums. Here’s a 360 experience of Vatican City itself, including St. Peter’s Square.


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