If you feel that you or your child has symptoms then use NHS 111 online if at all possible or call 111.


Latest Update (Monday 28th September)

The school is open for all pupils and guidance for parents, pupils and visitors can be found on The New Normal section of our school website.

All visitors to the school are now required to sign a Visitor Agreement and provide contact details for the purposes of track and trace. These details will be retained by the school for a period of 21 days and will only be used in the event of a member of the school community testing positive for COVID-19.

The school is also engaging in the NHS Track & Trace system and visitors to the school will be invited to 'check-in' using the NHS Track & Trace app to scan the QR code on their smartphones.

A guide for parents regarding absence from school is now available on The New Normal section of our school website.

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