In 2018 the School Council decided that they would like to create a school newspaper, written by the children of Bridge for the children of Bridge. The School Council then spoke to Mr Tibbles and Mr Taylor who agreed that it would be a great idea. The children then worked hard to put together articles, competitions and fun filled activities for the first edition of 'Bridge Termly' in April 2019.

Since that first edition of Bridge Termly, the newspaper has gone from strength to strength. A group of children from Year 4 - 6 now volunteer to write the Newspaper, with a new edition printed every December, April and July. Year 6 children have taken on the role of editor and organise a different theme for each edition, with a mixture of school and world news as well as interviews with teachers, crosswords and competitions. Below you can see previous editions of the paper.

Edition 2 - July 2019

If you are a child at the school and would like to join the Newspaper or think you have some ideas that could improve Bridge Termly in the future please speak to Mr Taylor. 

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