Today, we were fortunate enough to be visited by the Night Owl Company who held an assembly for the whole school before giving the children the opportunity to have their photo taken with one of the Barn Owls.

During the assembly, the children were introduced to a number of different types of Owls and learnt that not all owls are nocturnal as well as that owls don't always do what they are told as evidenced by the barn owl heading to the projector to keep an eye on all the children. The owls were flown over the heads of the children and our visitors commented upon how well-behaved the children were throughout the whole experience.


Can you match the type of owl to the photos below?

  • Barn Owl
  • African Eagle Owl
  • Little Owl
  • Indian Scops Owl
  • Bengal Eagle Owl
  • White-faced Scops Owl

Thank you to Mrs Dennett for arranging this fantastic experience for the children.