If you feel that you or your child has symptoms then use NHS 111 online if at all possible or call 111.


Current Situation (as of 21st March, 11am)

The school is closed to all children except those whose parents are 'critical workers'. These parents have been contacted directly and no other children should attend the school until further notice.

More information can be found on our Provision of Child Care page.

Home-Learning Packs can be found on our School Closure - Home Learning page.

Update (20th March, 5am)

The school is in the process of arranging childcare for 'vulnerable' children and those of 'key workers'. A letter has been sent to all parents which can be read below and further updates will be placed on our designated pages - Provision of Child Care

Update (19th March, 7pm)

Despite assurances from the DfE, the school has not been given any further information regarding who is classified as a 'key worker' and will be able to attend school next week.

As soon as we know this, I will be writing to all parents via ParentMail asking for an urgent response from those parents who require their children to be in school so that they can continue to work and have no child-care alternative. This is with the aim of keeping the number of children in school as low as possible to lessen any risk.

Please read the letter below COVID-19 Letter (19 03 2020) for further details.

Update (18th March, 7pm)

The school will close on Friday for all children except those of ‘key workers’ and ‘vulnerable children’.

Further details of who constitutes a key worker will be published by government tomorrow. 

Exams will not take place in May and June – this includes SATs.

There will be a national voucher system for children eligible for Free School Meals.

Home-learning packs for the children are being prepared today and will come home tomorrow, either through your children or by post if you are self-isolating.

Update (17th March, 5.30pm)

All non-essential events have been cancelled

Further to the events detail in yesterday’s update to parents:

  • Next weeks’ book fair has been cancelled;
  • The Year 4 trips to Wildwood have been cancelled;
  • The Easter services at St. Peter’s Church have been cancelled;
  • The Year R trip to East Kent Railway has been postponed;
  • The Senior Citizen’s Tea Party (St George’s Day) has been cancelled.

I am very aware that the Year 5 residential is in 6 weeks’ time and the Year 6 residential is in 8 weeks’ time. We will be doing all we can to ensure that these go ahead but some things are out of our control.

Information about supporting children's learning at home has been added to this page (below).

There will be no after-school clubs next week.

We will be unable to offer a school holiday club over the Easter break.

Update (16th March, 7pm)

The guidance on self-isolation has now changed:

  • Anyone with symptoms will need to self-isolate for 14 days, not 7 days
  • If they're living with someone with symptoms, they'll also need to self-isolate for 14 days

Parental Consultations which were due to take place this week are all postponed.

Update (16th March, 2pm)

All activities in which we are predicting a significant number of people in a confined area are cancelled or postponed.

  • The Year 4 Marvellous Maths Workshop on Wednesday 18th March has been postponed;
  • The Relax Kids Parent Workshop on Thursday 19th March has been postponed;
  • Messy Church on Saturday 21st March has been cancelled;
  • The PJ & Loveheart Evening on Wednesday 25th March has been cancelled;
  • The Year 2 Marvellous Maths Worskhop on Thursday 26th March has been postponed.
  • Decisions about the upcoming Year 4 trip to Wildwood will be made by the end of the week.

Update (12th March, 5.30pm)

The government has moved onto the 'delay' phase of its plan to tackle coronavirus, the implications for our school are:

  • Self-isolation measures: anyone with a new persistent cough or high temperature is now advised to self-isolate for 7 days

There has been no change to the following advice:

  • School closures: the DfE is still advising schools to stay open. Elsewhere, schools will now be closed in the Republic of Ireland until 29 March and more than 15 other countries have now completely shut down their school systems.

Information About Coronavirus

The incubation period for this strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) is between 2 to 14 days. That means if a person is well 14 days after contact with someone with a confirmed case, they haven't been infected.

What are the symptoms?

They include:

  • Cough
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Fever

The virus can cause more severe symptoms in those with weakened immune systems. However, there's no evidence that children are more affected than other age groups.

How does it spread?

The virus is most likely to spread when someone has close contact (i.e. within 2 metres or less) with an infected person.

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, they produce droplets that contain the virus. These droplets are likely to be the most important means of transmission, as: 

  • Droplets can be directly transferred into the mouths or noses of people who have close contact
  • Someone may become infected by touching a surface or object (e.g. a door knob) that's been contaminated with the droplets and then touching their own mouth, nose or eyes 

There's currently no good evidence that people who don't have symptoms are infectious to others.


Families Returning from Abroad

If you have been in a category 1 country or area in the past 14 days

This includes:

  • Wuhan city and Hubei province, China
  • Iran
  • Daegu or Cheongdo, South Korea
  • Italy*

*Only if you've returned from the parts of northern Italy that were under containment measures between 19 February and 8 March 2020 (see the map here) or the rest of Italy on or after 9 March 2020.

You should contact NHS 111 for advice, and:

  • Self-isolate for 14 days after leaving the country or area
  • If you become unwell, call NHS 111 immediately for an assessment (or 999 if they require emergency medical attention)


If you have been in a category 2 country or area in the past 14 days

This includes:

  • Cambodia
  • China (other than Wuhan city or Hubei province)
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Laos
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Singapore
  • South Korea (other than Daegu or Cheongdo)
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

If you are well, you don't need to avoid contact with other people and can continue to attend school or work.

If you become unwell, they should:

  • Stay indoors and avoid contact with other people
  • Call NHS 111 immediately for an assessment


If you have been anywhere else

There's no need to avoid normal activities or school, unless you have had contact with a confirmed case.

Anyone who has had close contact with a confirmed case should contact NHS 111 for further advice.


If you have family members who've been abroad

If you have family members who've travelled to a category 2 country or area and who are well, you don't need to:

  • Take any precautions, or
  • Make any changes to their own activities

Frequently Asked Questions

What actions have the school taken so far to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

  • We have stopped whole-school worship and this is now taking place in class or in year groups.
  • Staff are asking children to wash their hands on arrival at school and on leaving school in addition to the normal times (i.e. before eating and after using the toilet).
  • All visitors to the school are ask to sanitise their hands before entry.
  • Cleaning materials have been provided to every classroom and staff have been asked to clean all surfaces at lunchtimes; this is in addition to the regular clean after school.
  • All handles and fittings in the toilets are cleaned just prior to lunchtimes; this is in addition to the regular clean after school.


What happens if the school has to close?

We will only close if we are officially advised to do so or we don’t have enough staff to run the school.

In either case, we will:

  • Alert you to the closure via our school website, our Twitter account, our school Facebook page and via ParentMail. The website www.kentclosures.co.uk will also be updated.
  • We will keep parents updated via this our school website.
  • We will upload work packs that children can complete at home to continue their education. We recognise that not all families will have access to a printer and so will also ensure that all families have access to the suite of on-line learning materials to which the school subscribes.

Please keep in mind that we’re only sending out this information to help the school community prepare. There are currently no plans to close.


I've been advised by my doctor or NHS 111 to self-isolate, does this mean my children need to self-isolate too?

Yes. As of 16th March 2020, government guidance changed to include family members. The whole household should self-isolate for 14 days.


Is there anything I can use to talk about coronavirus to my child?

Here is a link to a video created by Dr Ranj - https://youtu.be/oMHacLHchI0


How will the school support children's learning at home at this time?

We fully appreciate that whilst children are at home you would be keen that their education does not suffer. We have a number of ways that learning can continue at home should the school be required to close.

  • Staff will be preparing resource packs that will be sent home either via your child or in the post. These will be activities that the children can complete to reinforce the learning that they have completed in school. These will come home by the end of the week.
  • Reading remains the best way that you can support your child’s education.
  • In addition, you can also download home-learning packs which have been provided to us by a website called Classroom Secrets which we use in school. These all include activities which revise what the children have already been taught this year. These can be downloaded and printed from our school website here. The level of challenge is indicated by the colour of the star in the corner of the page.
    • Red star – Challenge 1;
    • Blue star – Challenge 2;
    • Yellow star – Challenge 3.
  • There are also a number of online learning resources that you can use. These will also be placed on our school website and, if log on details are needed, they will be sent home with the resource packs on Thursday. Links to these websites can be found on our Supporting Learning at Home.

As always, I would seek to minimise the amount of time your children spend in front of a screen completing these tasks. Encourage them to stay as active as possible and take advantage of the practical idea suggestions on our school website here as well.

Further Questions

Please consult the:

  • School office, if you have any questions about our response to this issue
  • NHS, if you want to know more about the symptoms of coronavirus. If you think you or your child may have the symptoms, use NHS 111 online if at all possible before calling 111
  • Department for Education’s coronavirus helpline: 0800 046 8687, if you have any questions about the government’s response to coronavirus in relation to schools
  • Government’s travel advice, if you want to know whether any upcoming trip or holiday you’re taking abroad should go ahead.

COVID-19 Documents

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