Year 3 Word Wizards

Well done Sienna, this is the first example of 'Word Wizardry' that we have received. Words are very interesting if you start looking for patterns within them or researching the history of words. I wonder if, as you are reading children, you can spot words within words and let us know? Keep in…

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Community Well-being

George, Ali, and mum were surprised this week as they walked their usual dog-walking route with the amount of litter they saw. They feel like it has increased since the lockdown.  Recently, we have been asking you to reflect on nature and the wonderful environment around us and how, now that we…

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Amelie N has discovered some online drawing lessons and has created these beautiful drawings. She has a lot of talent!

If you want to do some drawing, follow this link ;

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Year 3 Home Learning

Year 3 have been busy bees at home over the last couple of weeks doing all sorts of learning both inside and outside. This blog shows some of the exciting work that they have been doing with their families and have sent in to share with us. Thank you, children, well done and keep up the great…

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Sophia's fairy garden

This amazing fairy garden was created by Sophia and her family. It has a bug hotel and a pond! It will be really interesting to see if any little visitors move in...fairies included! Well done!

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Wildlife fact file by Lois

Lois from 3SA have been hunting around her garden and researching what different plants and animals she could find. Please look at the very informative guide Lois, and her brother Reuben, have created.

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Stop-Motion by Ellie (3SA)

Ellie has created her very own stop-motion video and this can be viewed below. We're all very impressed with her technical skills.

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Year 3 Rock Day

Last week, Year 3 had an amazing day learning all about Rocks with Andrew Berry. The day consisted of making models of the Earth to show the different layers; inner core, outer core, mantel and crust. They learned to identify the different types of rocks, fossils, minerals and rock formations.…

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Year 3 learn about Palm Oil

For a Christmas present, the adults in Year 3 adopted an orangutan for the children. Since then, they have wanted to help to stop the production of unsustainable palm oil in order to save the orangutans in Borneo becoming extinct.

They began their learning journey by looking at how…

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500 Words - The Snow Globe

The Snow Globe

by Amelie

One day, Lucy was in the loft, when she came across the old Christmas stuff from last year. Lucy saw a glimpse of something glowing brightly, she bent down and pulled out a globe of some sort. I can't remember this from last year, she said. I wonder when it got up…

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500 Words - The Haunted House

The Haunted House 
By Lily

Once on a very dark, cold night there lived the Nicholls family.  They were a kind hearted, happy family.

Their house was quite grand but there was only one thing about their house, their house was a ……………. HAUNTED HOUSE!!

The story begins with all the…

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Years 4,5 & 6 Triathletes

We have a number of talented triathletes in our school and, at an awards evening recently (18th January), Phoebe, Hannah, Theo (all Year 5),Renee (Y4) and Cleo (Y6) received medals and certificates for their efforts throughout the year. well done all of you and keep up the good work!


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