This week year 4 have continued their literacy journey into the world of Weslandia, our key text for term 2. The children have been able to discuss and record their own opinions about the book. 

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Iguana Art Challenge

Thank you to everyone who completed the 'Paint an Iguana Challenge' at home. Your paintings look great.

Please check out the paintings and drawings in the slide-show below.


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The Tin Forest - Can you give a helping hand?

This project was inspired by the book‘ The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and the way that communities have come together in times of crisis. Imagine a neighbour needed a helping hand. Would you be there to give it?

Thank you to Poppy, Miller, Ariadne and Talya for producing posters and artwork…

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Nonsense Poetry

Thank you and well done to Evie, Alicia and Edie for completing the Nonsense Poetry and illustration challenge.


They wrote and illustrated their own version of Spike Miligan's nonsense poem, On The Ning Nang Nong!


Check out the gallery below to see their wonderful work.


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Drum Beat Challenge from Mr Miles

Mr Miles has created a music challenge based upon his own secret desire to be a drummer (don't worry parents - your pots and pans are safe!). Watch the video below and we'd love to see what you come up with!

Perhaps inspired by Mr Miles' music challenge Melita has produced a…

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Kindness Family Challenge

Family Challenge: Kindness

This week the family challenge comes from Mrs Long and it has been inspired by one of the pupils at the school. Please watch the video below for more details about how you can spread kindness in your family or local community. If you would like to share what you have…

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Your Quest… Mythological Beasts

Your Quest… Mythological Beasts.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Allen set the pupils of Bridge & Patrixbourne Primary School an art and writing quest with a mythological theme.

Pupils designed their own creatures. They used dice to decide the features of their creations and descriptive writing…

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Dance Challenge 1

Dance Challenge

Laura has set two dance challenges this week, one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2.

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Excellence Challenge

Excellence Challenge - Learning a New Skill

Whilst we're sure that you're all enjoying home-schooling, this is also an opportunity to learn new skills. We'd love to hear what you've learnt that isn't…

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The Toy Box

Have you ever wondered what might happen if the toys in your toy box came to life?

Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Smith set 'The Toy Box' project to encourage creativity through both art and writing. 

Pupils unearthed inspiration from their toy boxes and practised their observational skills by…

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Junk Modelling Challenge

Mr Tibbles, Mr Taylor and Mrs Long have set the children of Bridge the challenge to see how creative they can be with the rubbish found around the house. Please watch the video below. If you have completed the challenge don't forget to email it to Mr Taylor…

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Animal Collage

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me their animal collages so far!

You have all worked so hard and your artwork is wonderful - they have really cheered me up!



I have added more collages to the gallery. Thank you to the following:

Dylan in…

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