Forest School Year 1 30.3.22

Well, this was Year 1's last official Forest School session until they are in Year 2. Honestly, it has been wonderful to see their journey so far - the children have developed so much confidence, they now come up with their own ideas and ask for things out of the shed that we have done before like…

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Forest School Year 1 23.3.22

What a sunny week! Amazing. 

I had promised the children s'mores for a long time and the weather seemed perfect for a campfire and snack. We read the book 'Fiery Fox' again to remind ourselves of the rules around a fire. The children all had a turn at roasting marshmallows and they enjoyed them…

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Forest School Year 1 16.3.22

Spring is here.

The children learned about the special word 'Equinox' which is on the 20th March - Equi stands for Equal and Nox stands for night, meaning that the sun crosses the equator in such a way that day and night are the same amount of time with days soon being longer. Remind your…

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Forest School Year 1 9.3.22

Anne Booth, a fabulous local author came to visit us this week in Forest School - we were very lucky. 

She read the book 'BLOOM' (in very sunny weather) which is all about being kind and caring. This was our theme for the afternoon. On offer were log slices and palm drills, which they could…

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Forest School Year 1 2.3.2022

This week was another 'get-very-muddy-and-have-lots-of-fun' kind of week. The rain turned our digging area into a mud slide! 

I told the children a story about looking after the plants in the forest and building shelters whilst sitting in our new shed. After a couple of games and counting…

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Year one insects

This week, Year one pupils have finished making imaginary insects from card and pipe cleaners. Throughout the art project we have been using the scientific language when referring to parts of the insects’ body - head, thorax, abdomen, wings and antennae.

Pupils worked independently when making…

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Forest School Year 1 22.2.22

Luckily the storms had calmed down and we could enter our Forest School area. The first challenge was to collect lots of sticks and branches that had fallen on the school field and to push the heavy wheelbarrows. In groups, they made shapes with the sticks - the circle was a challenging one. I saw…

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Year 1 Forest School 8.2.2022

The sun was shining for us again and we had a very exciting week of Valentine's activities and cooking in Forest School. 

The children helped to make a fire, they prepared apples, oranges, they added apple juice, cinnamon sticks and star anise to make mulled apple juice. 

The brand new…

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Year 1 Forest School 19.1.2022


Year 1 had fantastic Forest School sessions this week. It was all about Mini Beasts and habitats. We collected materials to build a bug hotel- maybe we will call it ‘Bug-ingham Palace’! The children even made a bug play ground. 
We sang our insect song to help them remember the features of…

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Year 1 observational drawing - insects

The Year 1 topic this term is ‘mini beasts’ and within their science lessons they are learning about the anatomy of insects. Within their art, pupils have been studying and drawing my collection of insects set in resin - these are fascinating objects.

In Year R and Year 1, class teachers…

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DT - Year 1 Christmas cards

In DT this term, Year 1 have been working towards making moving Christmas cards for their families. They have explored tools, materials and techniques; carefully designed the front of their cards and have practised making mechanisms. Pupils made their cards this week using paper collage and will…

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DT - Year 1

This term we are focusing on Design Technology. Year one regularly practises motor skills within lessons with Mrs Cork and Mrs Andrews; in preparation for this project they have been practising using scissors and a hole punch.

Within their DT lessons they are getting into the Christmas spirit…

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