Ceramic tiles

Year 3 have had a wonderful time making flower relief tiles from clay. They investigated relief art forms and designed their tiles using their knowledge about the parts and functions of a plant from their science lessons. They used many skills such as rolling, shaping, smoothing and attaching 2…

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Year 2 Duck Day

Year 2 were fortunate enough to be surrogate parents to 6 ducklings for the day, today! Every child had the opportunity to hold a duckling, sketch it after careful observation and use their new-found science knowledge to present the ‘Life Cycle of a Duck’, in words and pictures. Naturally, duck…

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Forest School Year 3 17.5.22

We started off with the game 'you are only safe if...' to learn more about the trees and plants in our area. It was hot and sunny this week and more importantly not stormy or rainy so we could go ahead and make our fires. We read the book 'Fiery Fox' to learn about how we light fires safely and…

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Forest School Year 3 10.3.22

This week was about food chains and forest webs. We read the 'Acorn' book which showed some of the animals and plants that can be related back to an acorn to give an idea of a wood web. The children found cards of forest animals and plants in the area and sorted them into producers (plants) like…

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Forest School Year 3 26.4.22

Welcome to Forest School. 

Our first week was all about trees, this week we looked at animals of the forest. We played a game 'You are only safe if...' and the children had to find certain trees or materials. Then they turned into birds - talking about what birds feed on and finding different…

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Forest School Year 3 3.5.2022

Linking in with their Science topic, the year 3 children explored plants in more detail today. In groups they were finding materials, building flowers and labelling them. Instead of exploring leaves today they explored bark, by feeling it and creating bark rubbings with crayons (and remembering…

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Year 3 - toys animal paintings

Year 3 have been exploring the animal paintings by German Renaissance artist, Albrecht Dürer. The children practised their observational drawing and painting skills; they began the project by learning to observe plastic toy animals carefully and doing some ‘warm up’ sketches. They then went on to…

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Terrific Hockey News!

On the weekend of 20th March, Sam (Year 4) played for the Canterbury U10s team in the Regional Hockey Finals. His team competed against the top 2 qualifying teams in Surrey, Sussex and Kent and won the silver medal! Well done Sam and team for  such a fantastic achievement!

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Year 3 Rocks Day!

This week Year 3 welcomed Andrew Berry from the Education People to deliver our hotly anticipated, annual Rocks Day! The children loved getting their hands on lots of different rocks, fossils and crystals and learnt about the structure of the Earth, the formation of sedimentary, metamorphic and…

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Year 3 met Claw!!!

Year 3 were made aware of something mysterious lurking behind the mound on the field today, so went to investigate! When we reached the Forest School area, we noticed a pile of logs that had been used for a fire and some kind of prehistoric den. Then, much to the children's amazement (and terror…

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More pictures from Mountain Mayhem!

Here are some pictures of the models that 3SA made last Friday in their DT/Geography session on mountains and rivers.

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Year 3 Wicked Worms

'Worms are thin,

and they've got a little grin.

We love worms so much,

We don't know where to begin!' 


Over the past few weeks we have been exploring animal poetry to link with our science learning about different animals. We began by reading and analysing the poem 'Snails' by…

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