DT - Year 3 weaving

The Year three topic this term is Ancient Egypt. Within Design Technology, pupils are designing and making necklaces (inspired by Ancient Egyptian art) for a summer ‘collection’ – Egyptian style is back in fashion after 5000 years!

This is a DT textiles unit, so the main feature on the…

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Year 3 - Abstract Art

Inspired by the artist - Atta Kwami.

Year three’s term 1 art project celebrates the Folkestone Art Triennial and is inspired by the work of Ghanaian-born artist Atta Kwami who sadly died last month, age 65. He worked in both Ghana and the UK as a painter, printmaker, and art historian.


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Shadow puppets - Year 3 Science

Year 3 have been learning about Light and Shadows in Science this term. They created their shadow puppet theatres and puppets. They investigated how a shadow changes when the distance of the light source is changed. They planned their investigation, made predictions and used measuring skills to…

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2RF relief Printing

At the end of term 4, Year 2 explored relief printing and repeat patterns. Pupils used their observational skills to draw from found leaves and photographs of British wildlife. The drawings were then used when designing and making their own printing plates. Pupils handprinted their motif up to…

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Year 2 relief printing

Since their return to school, Year 2 have been exploring relief printing and have created their own repeat patterns. Pupils have used their observational skills to draw from found leaves and photographs of British wildlife. The drawings were then used when designing and making their own printing…

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Year 2 wallpaper business!

Year 2, both at home and at school, have been creating their own patterns.

Pupils have explored William Morris’ textile and wallpaper designs and used them as inspiration to design their own repeat patterns. Within the project so far, pupils have practised their observational skills to draw…

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Chinese New Year

To celebrate The Chinese New Year, pupils in Year 2 have been creating some Chinese dragons inspired by traditional brush painting . They also enjoyed listening to the traditional Chinese tale, ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. Happy Chinese New Year!



Please look at the gallery below to…

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Year Two’s History

We have been learning about Thomas Becket. We listened to the story and acted it out. Then we chose how we wanted to retell the story. Some of us drew story maps, some of us drew cartoon strips and some of us chose to write the story. 

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Story Writing

This week has concluded our learning on the True Story of The Three Little Pigs by the children writing their own story from the point of view of the wolf. Prior to writing the children acted out the story through drama and using puppets. All the children did an amazing job and included lots of…

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Year 2 Science

This week we have been learning about habitats. We started by going on a walk around the school grounds to see how many different habitats we could identify. We then worked in small groups to create a picture of a chosen habitat and thought about the different types of animals that could live…

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Online Safety

As part of online safety week Year One have shared the story ‘Once upon a time... online’ and discussed the issue of asking permission to use the internet. The children created colourful posters to spread the important message that you must always ask a grown up if you want to go…

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Posting our Letters

Year One were very excited to write letters to their families. In their letters they have explained that they will be taking their pets home for the holiday. They have introduced their pets and offered reassurance about whose job it will be to look after them! The children are now very…

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