Tennis Triumph

Iris in Year 4 has been entering tennis tournaments recently and came 2nd last weekend at a tournament in Brighton. This weekend, however, her training and determination paid off and she gained an even better result!

"On Saturday 20th November, I played a tennis tournament in Maidstone and I…

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Ironman - Year 4

Term 1 Year 4 The Iron Man by Ted Hughes


The Iron Man by Ted Hughes is a fantastic book to inspire English lessons. We love teaching it as much as the children love learning from it. The Iron Man allows for such creativity and opportunities for learning. As well as reading the whole book…

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Art and Music collaboration with CoMA Manchester

If you have been following our blogs, you know all about our Art and Music project with Year 3. If not, here is a recap:

In term 5, Year 3 pupils worked with Mr Miles and Mrs Smith to compose and interpret their own graphic scores. Graphic notation (or graphic score) is the representation of…

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Year 3 Art and Music project

This week, within his music lesson, Mr Miles worked with 3SA to interpret their artwork (graphic scores) into music. Graphic notation (or graphic score) is the representation of music using visual symbols. Pupils worked in groups and used percussion instruments to interpret a section of each of…

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Yr 3 Art and Music - graphic notation

This week, within his music lesson, Mr Miles worked with 3HA and explored music inspired by the symbolism and storytelling of traditional aboriginal painting. These ideas will help the pupils when creating their graphic scores next week in art.

Meanwhile, I worked with 3SA to compose their…

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Year 3 music and art

Our Art and Music project continues. Mr Miles worked with 3SA this week; they explored the interpretation of shapes and lines into music using percussion instruments.

Meanwhile, in art, I worked with 3HA. Pupils interpreted music through art, creating concertina sketchbooks. They listened to a…

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Year 3 Music and Art

Year 3 pupils in 3SA have been interpreting music through art - creating a ‘visual experience’. After exploring colour and emotion in their previous art lesson, this week the pupils listened to a selection of music and used colour and line to describe the feeling it evoked. They worked very…

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Papier mâché mountains

Design Technology – papier mâché

The fictional Professor Mont Blanc commissioned Year 3 to make her a teaching prop for her Geography lesson about mountains. She needed a model of a mountain which clearly showed its key features. It had to be big enough to be seen clearly by all pupils in the…

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3SA make Egyptian necklaces

3SA made their Egyptian necklaces this week in DT with Mrs Amelia and Mrs Holdaway. The necklaces are inspired by Ancient Egypt and designed for a 'summer fashion collection.' They had to be appealing to their target customers; Egyptian themed; robust and functional; constructed to a high standard…

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Egyptian style

In Design Technology (textiles) this term, Year 3 have become young fashion designers!

Ancient Egypt is back in fashion. Pupils have been commissioned to design and make necklaces inspired by Ancient Egypt for a summer fashion collection.

The commission specified that the necklace is…

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I'm watching you!

Year 3 have been bringing inanimate objects to life with a pair of googly eyes within a fun, one-off lesson at the end of a busy term one. Pupils have been learning basic photography throughout this term. They have learnt about: orientation; composition and frame; focal point; focus; different…

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Science Week in Year 2

Year 2 had great fun during science week. The children carried out many different investigations with a focus on our bodies. One of our investigations looked at hand hygiene. This involved children placing a handprint on a piece of bread after touching various surfaces around school. We have been…

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