Science Week in Year 2

Year 2 had great fun during science week. The children carried out many different investigations with a focus on our bodies. One of our investigations looked at hand hygiene. This involved children placing a handprint on a piece of bread after touching various surfaces around school. We have been…

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Hair today, gone on the 30th!

On Thursday 30th January, Seren will be donating her hair to The Little Princess Trust. 

With a little encouragement from Mum, Seren has decided to cut her extremely long hair, but decided she wanted to help others by doing this. After researching different charities, Seren chose to donate it…

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Maths in 2RF

Year 2 have been learning how to use partitioning to add two 2-digit numbers together. This morning, Lorenzo, Polly and Oliver came along to my office to show their excellent work and explain their mathematical strategies.

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