Year 5 - Grendel's severed head!

This term, Year 5 have been studying the story of Beowulf within their English lessons. As part of their writing, they described the characters of the story including the monster Grendel. Drawing upon their descriptions of the monster, pupils designed and constructed Grendel’s severed head from…

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Year 5 - hot and cold collage

Despite much disruption due to covid absences of pupils and staff last term, Year 5 have been able to conclude their collage project this week.

Using inspiration from ‘Explore’, their class reading book, pupils have created collages using both hot and cold colours. Like artists Henry Matisse…

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Year 5 Celebration

A celebration of work from  four amazing children in 5HA. They took it upon themselves to create these pieces at home and then brought them in to share, so I thought I would share them with you.

I hope you enjoy looking at them as we did. Well done all of you.


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Newton's colour wheel - art and science

This week, Year 5 have been learning about the artist’s colour wheel.

The modern colour-wheel is based on Sir Isaac Newton’s experimentation with light. While Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, he experimented by shining white light (daylight) through a glass prism, splitting it…

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Year 5 Christmas Community Wishes

We have had the most wonderful morning delivering Christmas wishes around the village. The children decided that they would like to make season greeting cards and deliver them to random houses and local stores ; We hope that you were one of the lucky recipients. As we walked , we sang carols and…

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Year 5 Camp Fire

Today, Year 5 enjoyed some time around our Forest School camp fire area. The children were first taught by Mrs Pearman how to safely light a fire and were given the opportunity to use the fire lighters to see if they could create some sparks. Once the fire had got going, the children were able to…

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Year 5 DT

In Year 5, we have created our own Luna Rovers in response to our science learning this term on Earth and Space. We began by reflecting back on what we learnt about the different planets and their features. From this, we explored what our Luna Rover would need in order to investigate  these…

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Year 5 French

In French this term, Year 5 have been learning about Colours and My Home. The children have learned how to read, write and pronounce lots of various colours as well as exploring the vocabulary for shades such as light and dark. Throughout the ‘My Home’ topic, children have been exploring words…

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Year 5 Science Day

BOOM! What a fantastic day we have all had. Today the children have been transformed into: planets, rockets, moon buggies, stars, the sun and so much more. Through interacting with each other and active learning they should be able to tell you about the solar system, challenges facing space…

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Year 5 Dance

Year 5 have been learning a dance linked to our focus text The Lost Thing. The children have worked really hard developing their sequencing of movements and have completed a final performance to share with you all!

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Day 2 Year 5 residential

Well, another amazing day on the farm! After a great nights sleep we began the day with a stroll to the meadow to observe the humane mammal catchers to see if we had been lucky and we had been ! The children looked at a field mouse, a short tailed vole and a shrew. We then had a tour of the farm…

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Year 5 Residential

Year 5 have enjoyed their first day at Bore Place. We have completed orienteering where we explored the grounds, made our own pizzas where we picked our own vegetables and salad from the garden, had a camp fire and set humane mammal traps for the night which we will look at in the morning. All…

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