Coralie has more work published!

Coralie (6NA) has had some of her writing and more of her illustrations published on the Foundling Museum website!  

The Foundling Hospital was established in 1739 to care for babies at risk of abandonment. The museum hosts a weekly competition in conjunction with Jacqueline Wilson to…

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World War 2 Day

Following our studying on the Second World War, some pupils in Year 6 had a go at following an authentic recipe for cheese scones and sampled some traditional wartime sweets. We held a tea-party in the afternoon complete with bunting and some classic Glenn Miller!

Please view our slideshows…

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Beautiful Oops story writing.

Creative Writing – Writing for a younger audience


Over lock-down Year 6 missed their Year R reading partners so much! Now back at school, they have decided to write and illustrate their own stories inspired by Barney Saltzberg’s book, ‘Beautiful Oops!’


Year 6 pupils began by making…

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Paint me an iguana!

Inspired by their English work (sealing the fate of a seafaring iguana), year 6 have been creating their own adventurous reptiles.

Pupils sketched iguanas from photographs, then experimented in their sketchbooks with colour and techniques to depict the texture and patterns of an iguana's skin.…

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Coralie wins Jacqueline Wilson competition.

Coralie, from 6NA, has had her illustrations published on the Foundling Museum website!  Coralie is a talented artist and we are all very proud of her.

The Foundling Hospital was established in 1739 to care for babies at risk of abandonment. The museum hosts a weekly competition in conjunction…

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Darwin’s finches and his theory of evolution

Drawing inspiration from Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species, Year 6 pupils have been exploring collagraph and mono-printing techniques within their art lessons in term 3.

Altogether, before the copyright of his book expired in 1901, the publishers had printed 56,000 copies in the…

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Football Match (Boys 'A')

"On Monday 27th January Bridge A Team played in a football match against Chartham. It was an eventful game with lots of rain that saw us losing at half time. We then played exceptionally well and managed to score 2 goals meaning the final score was 2-1 to us. We all put in a great performance and…

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Maths Masterclass

Over the past five weekends, Aum, Tom and Eddie have represented the school at the University of Kent and taken part in a Mathematics Masterclass. Over the weeks they have solved problems, looked at patterns, broke codes and investigated shape. Well done a fantastic achievement!

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Shining Light

This week, Year 6 have completed many studies and investigated different aspects of light. Today we solved the problem of where we would need to place umbrellas to get the most amount of shade during the day, we have demonstrated how we see things in the mirror and we have explored which materials…

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Year 6 Watermill Project

Year 6 have been busy creating functioning water mills this week for their Design Technology. We were able to use kinetic energy from the water to cause a paddle wheel to rotate. We planned and made our products and then spent some time explaining how they work to our reading partners.

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Incredible Ice Skating Evie

Evie from 6NA put on an amazing performance with the cast of Sleeping Beauty at Gillingham ice rink on Wednesday 4th December. Evie only began learning to ice skate in January this year and has already achieved Grade 8 and is currently working on her Silver level. Well done, Evie!

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The Adventures of Odysseus

Year 6 had great fun presenting their diary entries recounting Odysseus’s encounter with the Cyclops. We turned our classrooms into Greek feasting halls and shared our amazing writing with each other.

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