Roman Drama Workshop & Bread Making

Year 4 have had a great week baking Roman bread and participating in a drama workshop. The children imagined arriving in Ancient Britain and acted out how to build Roman roads, trade and march as a soldier.

They were very enthusiastic and it was lots of fun.

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Roman Artefact Afternoon

Yesterday, year 4 investigated and explored Roman artefacts from Canterbury museum. They handled coins, jewellery and pieces of Roman mosaic. A lovely afternoon. 

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4JH Science Day

4JH have had a superb morning learning about animals and insects as part of our Science week. The children learnt about how different animals move and the way they are designed. The children also had the opportunity to handle a number of different animals, such as a gecko, cockroaches, stickā€¦

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Romans lend me your ears (and the rest of your face)

This week Year 4 have been painting our Roman legionnaires that we made during our visit to the Dover Roman Museum.

We are continuing to learn about the Roman legacy. 


Year 4

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